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Education Programme

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Sefrin
Science Director of the Education
Programme at RETTmobil 2016



From practice for practice


In addition to the showcasing of all areas of the rescue service at RETTmobil, which is unique at least in Germany, there is again the education and training in medical-rescue service. During the 3-days of the exhibition, a comprehensive programme of current topics will be on the agenda. The extensive range of operational tasks in the rescue service is also reflected in the topics of advanced education and workshops. The focus of this year's training is on topics such as mass casualty incidents with injured or sick patients and the specificity of the terrorist situation, which can be described as a particular challenge.


In 11 workshops and 8 modules, each covering 3 topics, a total of 45 speakers will make key statements from their respective fields of expertise. The most frequent topic that has occupied the rescue service in the recent past is the special situation in the event of terrorism. Although we have been spared from these events in the past few months - which does not mean that such emergency situations could not affect us again - the past has shown that not only completely new deployment tactics are required, but also that, once established, they must be communicated to the professional personnel. In addition, the program also includes topics from the fields of psychology, hygiene, error management and the handling of special operational situations.


In the field of medicine, it is not only topics concerning the special aspects of emergency medical care for certain groups of patients (children, obese, palliative and geriatric patients), but also important new devices that can be lifesaving in use. Increasing technicisation is of particular interest to the rescue service staff - as at the trade show. Within the framework of further training, not only can the function and indication in use be explained in detail, but there is also, as with all modules, the possibility of an intensive discussion with the speakers.


The speakers are all highly competent practitioners from rescue services and fire brigades who have immediately agreed to make themselves available for such training.


Thus, for the 18th time all interested participants will not only have the opportunity to visit the trade show, but will also be offered the opportunity for a comprehensive advanced training of all operational tasks. This makes RETTmobil 2018 a platform for an intensive exchange of information and experience for professionals in the field of rescue with its many facets.




Welcome Statements

Grußworte zur RETTmobil 2019


Die Grußworte der Beteiligten und Verantwortlichen zur RETTmobil 2018 werden vorbereitet und Anfang April 2019 veröffentlicht. Die Inhalte entsprechen dem Messekatalog, der zu Beginn der RETTmobil 2019 verfügbar sein wird.




Welcome Statements 2018 (3)


Below are the welcome statements of the official participants and organisations responsible for RETTmobil 2018.



City of Fulda
Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld
Mayor of the City of Fulda



Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (JUH e.V.)
Dr. h. c. Frank-Jürgen Weise,
President of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.
Patron of RETTmobil 2018



Community of Interests of the Manufacturers of Ambulance and Rescue Vehicles (IKR e.V.)
Conceptual Sponsor of RETTmobil
Mr. Manfred Hommel
Chairman of IKR e.V.



German Fire Services Association (DFV e.V.)
Mr. Hartmut Ziebs
President of DFV e.V.



Working Group of Fire Departments in Rescue Service (AG FReDi)
Mr. Jörg Wackerhahn
Spokesman of AG FReDi - AGBF Bund



Education Programme of RETTmobil
Prof. Dr. med. Peter Sefrin
Science Director of Rescue-Medical Service Trainings



Messe Fulda GmbH
Mr. Dieter Udolph and Mrs. Petra Dehler-Udolph
Directors of Messe Fulda GmbH
Organisation of RETTmobil



Welcome Statements 2019


The welcome statements of the official participants and organisations responsible for RETTmobil 2019 are being prepared.




noch 280 Tage bis zur 13. RETTmobil

RETTmobil 2019
Admission: 15.00 Euros
Park Free Parking
Bus Free Shuttle-Bus
Anfahrt Wolf-Hirth-Strasse, 36041 Fulda, Germany

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