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Education Programme

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Sefrin
Science Director of the Education
Programme at RETTmobil 2016



Offering Comprehensive And Current Training

Already a tradition are the medical rescue services training courses at RETTmobil with highly competent speakers. A distinction is made in the program between small group workshops (7) and training courses with a total of 8 modules, each with 2-3 speakers. A total of 25 speakers are presenting different themes.

Since the training has become more intensive due to the new paramedics law, the focus is no longer just in the teaching of basic knowledge for the emergency service, but in the continuing education and preservation of knowledge. The possibilities of practical simulation now play an even greater role than previously, for which the industry is offering suitable tools that are applied in theory and practice.

The education offered at RETTmobil 2016 is diverse and not only includes medical topics but also new aspects of care and technology in the rescue service. A separate module is dedicated to the new phenomenon of emergency medical personnel being the target of violence. Also, there are patient population changes in terms of composition and underlying emergency types - these are not only trauma and internistic medical, but increasingly psychosocial emergencies.As special patient groups, the problems of pediatric care and elderly patients are addressed.One focus is put on emergency operations with large numbers of patients. The topic of mass casualties is not just limited to traffic accidents on motorways, but now extended to mass intoxications or as a result of special emergency situations. In the medical field there have been improvements in pre-hospital care in the recent past, which are presented to the ambulance service personnel as well as emergency doctors.

With these extensive topics to offer, not only the trade show itself is well worth the visit to Fulda, but also the comprehensive and current information of the educational programme. In addition, this platform also provides the chance for the exchange of experiences with colleagues and to learn about innovations on location.



Welcome Statements

Welcome Statement: City of Fulda





Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld
Mayor of the City of Fulda
Host City of RETTmobil



Dear exhibitors and guests of RETTmobil 2016,


exhibitors and visitors experience Fulda as host city of RETTmobil now for the 16th year since 2001. RETTmobil has become a part of Fulda as the cathedral or the ICE train station. For three days the city is influenced by many visitors from the emergency services and fire departments. Many exhibitors and visitors have come to know and love this Fulda, and perhaps even have experienced the beauty of the baroque city off the exhibition. Fulda is an excellent host city with good hotels and a vibrant gastronomy. Hospitality is a tradition in Fulda: In 2015 the number of overnight stays rose again by 6.4% to 558,000. RETTmobil has contributed to this good development for 16 years.

Apart from the trade show, it is well worth to reserve a little time for a tour of Fulda. Beautiful baroque buildings and an attractive city center are just a footwalk away. Visitors of RETTmobil enjoy coming back to Fulda privately, e.g. for "Musical Summer Fulda" in June 2016, following the novel "The Physician".

My special thanks to all who contribute to the success of this fair: Messe Fulda GmbH, especially Petra Dehler Udolph and Dieter Udolph, the Community of Interests of the Manufacturers of Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles (IKR e.V.) with Manfred Hommel at the top, and the German Fire Services Association. I wish RETTmobil every success and all visitors informative days at the Fulda fairgrounds.



Welcome Statements

Welcome Statement: DFV e.V.



Hartmut Ziebs

President of the German Fire Services
Association (DFV e.V.)



An Open Ear for Emergency Responders


Whether train accident, traffic accident or fire: fire fighters are often deployed to operations in which fatalities have to be mourned. Of course, incidents like the collision of two trains in the Bavarian town of Bad Aibling in February of this year stand out - but also in everyday work, the men and women of the fire services are confronted with exceptional psychological stress situations. In order to offer help to those who help others, the Psychosocial Emergency Care Service has an open ear for the concerns and needs of the rescuers.


The foundation "Help for Helpers" of the German Fire Services Association (DFV) supports fire-fighters in dealing with particularly burdensome work experiences. From May 11 to 13, 2016, the foundation informs of possible causes of stress, consequences and stress management at its own stand. The new brochure "Psychosocial Challenges in the Fire Service" is an essential help, in which the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Management (BBK) in cooperation with the German Fire Services Association outline risks and provide practical tips, according to the motto "Reducing Burdens – Strengthening Protection". Further help in stress management complements the offer.


Parallel to the fair for rescue and mobility, the 3rd symposium of the foundation "Help for Helpers" takes place in Fulda. Here the challenges of refugee welfare work are the focus - like the psychological emergency care in the intercultural context. The event takes place on Thursday, May 12th 2016, from 10:30 until 16:30. We are looking forward to your visit!


Welcome Statements

Welcome Statement: IKR e.V.

Manfred Hommel

Chairman of the Community of Interests
of the Manufacturers of Ambulances and
Rescue Vehicles
(IKR e.V.)

Conceptual Sponsor of RETTmobil



16 years ago, we, the IKR e.V., have presented RETTmobil for the first time in Fulda. It all started in 2001 with 63 exhibitors and 3,500 trade visitors. In 2016 we expect more than 500 exhibitors from home and abroad and over 25,000 trade visitors.

The development in these years is impressive and confirms that we have been, and still are, on the right track with the event concept for exhibitors and visitors alike. We also expect more professional trade visitors especially from the fire sector.

The response in advance of this year's RETTmobil makes us very confident that we will welcome to Fulda more visitors from neighboring countries in Europe and from Asia. The political situation and the extreme crises, as well as the horrible terror attacks, confront rescue and relief organisations with incredible challenges.

A RETTmobil would not have existed without the active support of DFV. The successful partnership is in the 16th year. For this continuity we are very grateful. Since 2012 there is also a closer cooperation with the AGBF (Working Group of Professional Fire Services), which will also be represented this year with its own stand. The panel discussion and the exhibition-forum have been included in the RETTmobil programme upon the initiative of AGBF. Dr. Peter Seiters, President of the German Red Cross, this year assumes patronage of RETTmobil.

The city of Fulda and the State of Hesse offer a unique infrastructure for the concept of RETTmobil and the costs of accommodation are very reasonable for our exhibitors and visitors.

The workshops and medical-rescue service trainings successfully conducted in recent years, have confirmed the high demand and are carried out professionally this year.

Many well-known aid organisations will participate again.

The three pillars of exhibition, practical education, and experiencing mobility, stand for the success of RETTmobil, today and in the future. The members of the IKR e.V., which represent quality and safety from Germany, are looking forward to your visit and to good and constructive talks. Fulda is back for three days in the center of the entire rescue industry.


Welcome Statements

Welcome Statement: AG FReDi

Jörg Wackerhahn

Spokesman for the Association of 
Fire Services in Emergency Rescue
(AG FReDi) of AGBF Bund


Dear colleagues,
dear visitors of Rettmobil 2016:


An exciting and eventful year once again has past, and I remember the following headlines:


The first supplementary examinations for emergency paramedics have been carried out and the implementation of the medical emergency personell law continues to advance due to highly committed rescue service schools, although the financial funding of courses have not been finally determined in many places.


The care of refugees does not only require our efforts in terms of quality, but especially in quantity - and no end seems to be in sight!


All operations we have brought back under control. The latter in particular, because we have a good and extensive system of volunteers in organisations!


Of course, we have again learned from all of the operations mentioned above. The lessons and experiences are presented to interested visitors. For the education segment renowned and practically experienced speakers are gathered again, who will report on a wide range of interesting topics.


The program of the exhibition in this year also makes it possible for the staffs of all organisations involved in damage management to acquire knowledge, deepen skills and to exchange experiences. Only in this way is it possible to promote cooperation in the overall social context and under economic aspects, and to enhance security for all.


AG Fredi as representative of German fire services in emergency rescue therefore gladly accepts sponsorship and participates in the professional trainings and exercises.


To all exhibitors and visitors I wish a informative and interesting time at the exhibition, stimulating discussions and many new ideas and contacts. At the same time, I cordially invite you to visit us at the stand of AG FReDi.

Welcome Statements

RETTmobil 2018
Admission: 15.00 Euros
Park Free Parking
Bus Free Shuttle-Bus
Anfahrt Wolf-Hirth-Strasse, 36041 Fulda, Germany

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