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Best RETTmobil ever

Complete Success: New records at the 17th International Leading Exhibition for Rescue and Mobility in Fulda


The best RETTmobil of all time has broken records: 28,512 visitors from all over the world came to the 17th edition of the leading international trade show for rescue and mobility from May 10th to 12th in Fulda. The number of 525 exhibitors also confirms the global significance and dramatic topicality of the exhibition. Very satisfied are all: the audience, the exhibitors and the people responsible for this world-wide unique fair, which once again has been met with very great media interest.


The exhibitors have presented products and services on the over 70,000 square meter premises with 20 halls and a large open-air area. In the optimised off-road area, fire brigades, THW and German Bundeswehr showed their skills in exciting demonstrations. The 17th RETTmobil 2017, trend-setting and up-to-date, documents the high standard of technical and medical equipment of the internationally exemplary rescue system in Germany. The high-level events in the area of further education were booked out early. For the Fulda fire department, RETTmobil was an optimal advertising and communication platform.


Three-day rush


On the second day of the industry event, the largest turnout was registered with 11,182 trade show visitors, among them many from the Asian region. On Wednesday 9,510 and on the last day 7,820 visitors were counted. At RETTmobil 2016 had welcomed 517 exhibitors and 26,890 visitors.


Proud of the huge success of the world's most important forum for innovation, security, quality, competence and education is Manfred Hommel, chairman of the Group of Interests of the Manufacturers of Ambulances and Rescue Vehicles (IKR), the conceptional sponsor of the performance show. "The quality of services and products can hardly to be increased any further", Hommel pointed out and awarded the show with the "highest level of presentation in all areas". "This exhibition will break all records", Hommel had indicated during the opening ceremony on Wednesday. RETTmobil, which is based on the four pillars of trade show, training, mobility and quality, has shown once again that there is no comparison anywhere in the world.


"Highly satisfied"


Petra Dehler-Udolph and Dieter Udolph, Managing Directors of Messe Fulda GmbH, are responsible for planning, preparation and implementation of the out-standing show of performance." Exhibitors have been overwhelmingly positive about the stands, the presentation and the quality of services and products, the visitor interest, the organisation and the perfect parking situation. "There is a huge demand for the 18th RETTmobil 2018 already", which is currently being prepared. The fairmakers emphasised the importance of RETTmobil for the Fulda location in the areas of hotel and gastronomy. The city of Fulda could open up excellent opportunities with regard to the establishment of new businesses and new jobs.


"Excellent prospects"


IKR chairman Hommel reported that during the trade fair, many business deals were not only initiated but also had been closed. In addition, excellent contacts were made at the international level. These facts have given RETTmobil excellent prospects for the future at the Fulda location.


The high-class supporting program with the well-attended lectures at the fair forum as well as the seminars and workshops of the medical-rescue events have proven to be a success. Responsible was Professor Prof. Dr. Peter Sefrin. The science director of the training and education department was glad about the further increase of the number of participants and the interest during the courses, for which 40 highly qualified speakers from all over Germany had been gathered. Among the highlights offered were lectures on the terrorist attack in Berlin and the amok run in Munich. All helpers and rescuers face new challenges.


"Optimal advertisement for fire brigades"


The 17th RETTmobil was also the "best show ever" for the Fulda fire department. As fire department chief Thomas Helmer reported, the interest in the new emergency medical vehicle, the new fire engine and the information offered, the emergency and accident demonstration with battery-powered heavy hydraulic tools has been unbelievable. To the Fulda department with its staff of 72 full-time professional fire fighters and 800 volunteers, the fair offers invaluable advantages as an inexpensive communications platform, emphasised Helmer.


The trade fair has been accompanied by local, regional and international media and, above all, by the trade press. 75 journalists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the USA have been accredited.


The 18th RETTmobil 2018 will take place from May 16th to 18th at Messe Galerie Fulda.

RETTmobil 2019
Admission: 15.00 Euros
Park Free Parking
Bus Free Shuttle-Bus
Anfahrt Wolf-Hirth-Strasse, 36041 Fulda, Germany

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