Welcome Statements 2019


Below are the welcome statements of the official participants and organisations responsible for RETTmobil 2019.


Attention: The Welcome Statements of RETTmobil 2020 will be released in Mid April 2020!



City of Fulda
Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld
Mayor of the City of Fulda



Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.
Georg Khevenhüller
President of Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.
Patron of RETTmobil 2019



Community of Interests of the Manufacturers of Ambulance and Rescue Vehicles (IKR e.V.)
Conceptual Sponsor of RETTmobil
Mr. Manfred Hommel
Chairman of IKR e.V.



German Fire Services Association (DFV e.V.)
Mr. Hartmut Ziebs
President of DFV e.V.



Working Group of Fire Brigades in Rescue Service (AG FReDi)
Mr. Jörg Wackerhahn
Spokesman of AG FReDi - AGBF Bund



Education Programme of RETTmobil
Prof. Dr. med. Peter Sefrin
Science Director of Rescue-Medical Service Trainings



Messe Fulda GmbH
Mr. Dieter Udolph and Mrs. Petra Dehler-Udolph
Directors of Messe Fulda GmbH
Organisation of RETTmobil