Welcome Statement: AG FReDi

Jörg Wackerhahn

Spokesman for the Association of 
Fire Services in Emergency Rescue
(AG FReDi) of AGBF Bund


Dear colleagues,
dear visitors of Rettmobil 2016:


An exciting and eventful year once again has past, and I remember the following headlines:


The first supplementary examinations for emergency paramedics have been carried out and the implementation of the medical emergency personell law continues to advance due to highly committed rescue service schools, although the financial funding of courses have not been finally determined in many places.


The care of refugees does not only require our efforts in terms of quality, but especially in quantity - and no end seems to be in sight!


All operations we have brought back under control. The latter in particular, because we have a good and extensive system of volunteers in organisations!


Of course, we have again learned from all of the operations mentioned above. The lessons and experiences are presented to interested visitors. For the education segment renowned and practically experienced speakers are gathered again, who will report on a wide range of interesting topics.


The program of the exhibition in this year also makes it possible for the staffs of all organisations involved in damage management to acquire knowledge, deepen skills and to exchange experiences. Only in this way is it possible to promote cooperation in the overall social context and under economic aspects, and to enhance security for all.


AG Fredi as representative of German fire services in emergency rescue therefore gladly accepts sponsorship and participates in the professional trainings and exercises.


To all exhibitors and visitors I wish a informative and interesting time at the exhibition, stimulating discussions and many new ideas and contacts. At the same time, I cordially invite you to visit us at the stand of AG FReDi.

Welcome Statements

RETTmobil 2018
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