Welcome Statement: City of Fulda





Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld
Mayor of the City of Fulda
Host City of RETTmobil



Dear exhibitors and guests of RETTmobil 2016,


exhibitors and visitors experience Fulda as host city of RETTmobil now for the 16th year since 2001. RETTmobil has become a part of Fulda as the cathedral or the ICE train station. For three days the city is influenced by many visitors from the emergency services and fire departments. Many exhibitors and visitors have come to know and love this Fulda, and perhaps even have experienced the beauty of the baroque city off the exhibition. Fulda is an excellent host city with good hotels and a vibrant gastronomy. Hospitality is a tradition in Fulda: In 2015 the number of overnight stays rose again by 6.4% to 558,000. RETTmobil has contributed to this good development for 16 years.

Apart from the trade show, it is well worth to reserve a little time for a tour of Fulda. Beautiful baroque buildings and an attractive city center are just a footwalk away. Visitors of RETTmobil enjoy coming back to Fulda privately, e.g. for "Musical Summer Fulda" in June 2016, following the novel "The Physician".

My special thanks to all who contribute to the success of this fair: Messe Fulda GmbH, especially Petra Dehler Udolph and Dieter Udolph, the Community of Interests of the Manufacturers of Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles (IKR e.V.) with Manfred Hommel at the top, and the German Fire Services Association. I wish RETTmobil every success and all visitors informative days at the Fulda fairgrounds.



Welcome Statements

RETTmobil 2018
Admission: 15.00 Euros
Park Free Parking
Bus Free Shuttle-Bus
Anfahrt Wolf-Hirth-Strasse, 36041 Fulda, Germany

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