Welcome Statement: German Red Cross (DRK e.V.)

Dr. rer. pol. h.c. Rudolf Seiters
President of the German Red Cross
Schirmherr der RETTmobil 2016



Planners, service providers and manufacturers have always provided excellent solutions for an efficient emergency medical service (EMS). The RETTmobil in Fulda has always provided an excellent forum to showcase needs based solutions and innovations.

In 2001 the RETTmobil started with 60 exhibitors and 3,500 visitors and has since evolved into the leading trade fair for EMS and mobility with 470 exhibitors from 19 countries and over 23,000 visitors in 2015.

While the RETTmobil evolved to become the leading trade fair expectations have also grown. Trade visitors expect to see both established products and innovations designed to drive the continued development of EMS.

Whether new developments from manufacturers, a symposium for innovations , forums or panel discussions – some of the developments in recent years originated here in Fulda. RETTmobil is at the heart of constructive dialogue and discussion, helped by its central location here in Germany. 

Dialogue and discussion have been very much necessary to develop EMS further in a time of reduced medical infrastructure that is unlikely to change (as can be seen in reduced capacity in hospitals, less expenditure and less resources available for disaster planning and dealing with mass incidents in each hospital, increased distance between facilities, high occupancy rates combined with earlier discharging of patients).

Furthermore major incidents caused by extreme weather, for example, are becoming more common and call for new patient-orientated strategies.

These changes in structure and the arising challenges will make it necessary to think outside the box. We are looking forward to RETTmobil giving us new ideas to deal with these challenges.

I very much wish RETTmobil every success, and may all participants enjoy interesting encounters and thought-provoking discussions.



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RETTmobil 2017
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