Education Programme

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Sefrin
Science Director of the Education
Programme at RETTmobil 2019




From practice for practice - Extensive training opportunities


RETTmobil 2019 is considered an exhibition of superlatives. Excellence does not only refer to the offerings of the industry, but also includes the performance of the personnel in the rescue service. Once knowledge has been acquired, it should not only be supplemented but also consolidated through further training in light of (emergency) medical progress for the benefit of patients.


Not only medical reasons speak in favour of further training, but also new challenges in the rescue service. These include new dangers as well as new damage potentials which, on the other hand, also require new care concepts.


A wide range of possibilities is offered within the framework of medical rescue service advanced training. This covers everything from workshops in small groups with theory and practice, including simulation training, to the presentation of comprehensive overviews of essential rescue service problems. The topics are specifically oriented towards daily practice and include a selection of technical, as well as legal and medical topics. A special focus is on topics dealing with the occurrence of a large number of injured patients or special weather conditions. Also this year we have succeeded in gaining competent speakers, who convey essential contents from their practical experience.


It is a special feature of the training and education programme at RETTmobil that the equipment necessary for dealing with the special emergency situations can be inspected right next door and that the discussion with the manufacturers can provide further information.


RETTmobil is thus, once again this year, living up to the claim of being a platform for the exchange of ideas and the expansion of the professional focus in the field of advanced training.





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