Education Programme

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Sefrin
Science Director of the Education
Programme at RETTmobil 2016



Offering Comprehensive And Current Training

Already a tradition are the medical rescue services training courses at RETTmobil with highly competent speakers. A distinction is made in the program between small group workshops (7) and training courses with a total of 8 modules, each with 2-3 speakers. A total of 25 speakers are presenting different themes.

Since the training has become more intensive due to the new paramedics law, the focus is no longer just in the teaching of basic knowledge for the emergency service, but in the continuing education and preservation of knowledge. The possibilities of practical simulation now play an even greater role than previously, for which the industry is offering suitable tools that are applied in theory and practice.

The education offered at RETTmobil 2016 is diverse and not only includes medical topics but also new aspects of care and technology in the rescue service. A separate module is dedicated to the new phenomenon of emergency medical personnel being the target of violence. Also, there are patient population changes in terms of composition and underlying emergency types - these are not only trauma and internistic medical, but increasingly psychosocial emergencies.As special patient groups, the problems of pediatric care and elderly patients are addressed.One focus is put on emergency operations with large numbers of patients. The topic of mass casualties is not just limited to traffic accidents on motorways, but now extended to mass intoxications or as a result of special emergency situations. In the medical field there have been improvements in pre-hospital care in the recent past, which are presented to the ambulance service personnel as well as emergency doctors.

With these extensive topics to offer, not only the trade show itself is well worth the visit to Fulda, but also the comprehensive and current information of the educational programme. In addition, this platform also provides the chance for the exchange of experiences with colleagues and to learn about innovations on location.



Welcome Statements

RETTmobil 2018
Admission: 15.00 Euros
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Anfahrt Wolf-Hirth-Strasse, 36041 Fulda, Germany

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