Booth Building Times

Stand Assembly and Disassembly / Booth Building

1. Important Information for Exhibitors and Construction Teams of RETTmobil 2018

The order forms of our service partners (electricity, water, walls, furniture, etc.), as well as parking passes,
an overview plan and a copy of the Technical Memo / Exhibition Guidelines can be downloaded from our
RETTmobil 2018 Services Center. The address of the Services Center webpage is included in the Technical Memo.

The Technical Memo / Guidelines, which is being sent to exhibitors by post in January 2018, contains
exhibitor passes, booth and hall number, and a plan with the position of your stand.

2. Construction Times

The construction of exhibition stands is permitted at these dates and times:









8am - 10pm

8am - 10pm

8am - 10pm

8am - 10pm

Upon written request, booth building work may continue on May 10th, as well as May 12th and 13th from 8am to 6pm.

Exhibitors occupying booths in the outside area, must contact exhibition management before setting up stands.

3. Traffic Management during Stand Setup Times

During stand construction times, transport vehicles driving onto the exhibition site have to deliver a deposit of EUR 50.00, which is refunded on departure within a maximum stay period of 2 hours. The same applies to passenger automobiles. Here the duration of stay is limited to 1 hour.

4. Deliveries of Goods to Your Stand at the Exhibition Site

For deliveries to your stand, please use the following address:

RETTmobil 2018
>> Your HALL and BOOTH NO. <<
Messe Galerie Fulda
36041 Fulda

Make sure that a representative of your company is at your stand at the time of delivery.

5. Dismantling

The clearance / dismantling of stands may begin immediately after the end of the exhibition on Friday, 2018-05-18, at 5:30pm. Any dismantling before 5pm is strictly prohibited. Stand dismantling must be finished on Monday, 2018-05-22, at 6pm.



Status: Technical Memo / Exhibition Guidelines issued January 8th, 2018