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Education Programme

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Sefrin
Science Director of the Education
Programme at RETTmobil 2019




From practice for practice - Extensive training opportunities


RETTmobil 2019 is considered an exhibition of superlatives. Excellence does not only refer to the offerings of the industry, but also includes the performance of the personnel in the rescue service. Once knowledge has been acquired, it should not only be supplemented but also consolidated through further training in light of (emergency) medical progress for the benefit of patients.


Not only medical reasons speak in favour of further training, but also new challenges in the rescue service. These include new dangers as well as new damage potentials which, on the other hand, also require new care concepts.


A wide range of possibilities is offered within the framework of medical rescue service advanced training. This covers everything from workshops in small groups with theory and practice, including simulation training, to the presentation of comprehensive overviews of essential rescue service problems. The topics are specifically oriented towards daily practice and include a selection of technical, as well as legal and medical topics. A special focus is on topics dealing with the occurrence of a large number of injured patients or special weather conditions. Also this year we have succeeded in gaining competent speakers, who convey essential contents from their practical experience.


It is a special feature of the training and education programme at RETTmobil that the equipment necessary for dealing with the special emergency situations can be inspected right next door and that the discussion with the manufacturers can provide further information.


RETTmobil is thus, once again this year, living up to the claim of being a platform for the exchange of ideas and the expansion of the professional focus in the field of advanced training.





Welcome Statements

Welcome Statement: City of Fulda





Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld
Mayor of the City of Fulda
Host City of RETTmobil




Dear exhibitors and guests of RETTmobil 2019,


it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 19th RETTmobil in Fulda. The trade show with its numerous visitors from home and abroad is now a regular highlight of the event calendar and contributes to the constantly growing number of guests and overnight stays in our beautiful city.


It is worthwhile to combine a visit to the exhibition with a tour of the historic city center, as Fulda has the largest connected baroque quarter in Germany around the cathedral, orangery and city palace. This year we are also celebrating Fulda’s city anniversary: 1,275 years – this is the occasion for a series of top-class events that are worth a visit throughout the year. Information on the programme can be found at www.stadtjubilä


The constantly growing number of exhibitors and visitors of RETTmobil indicates the increasing importance of this exhibition for experts from rescue organisations and fire-brigades not only in Germany. The work of volunteers and full-time helpers is becoming increasingly complex, and with it, the need for competent initial and further training is increasing. The trade show programme with workshops and seminars will once again meet the demand this year. In addition, RETTmobil offers all exhibitors and guests a special platform for the exchange of ideas, stimulating discussions and establishing or refreshing of contacts.


I wish you all this and more, combined with a heartfelt thank you for
your great personal commitment and professionalism.



Welcome Statements

Welcome Statement: DFV e.V.



Hartmut Ziebs

President of the German Fire Services
Association (DFV e.V.)




Dear visitors of RETTmobil,


what are you planning to do at this 19th European Leading Trade Show for Rescue and Mobility? Examine innovations, research trends, cultivate contacts, attend appointments? You are not alone! I like to use the “exhibition of short distances“ to inform myself about new developments, to strengthen networks with partners and to exchange ideas with visitors. This year I will take the opportunity to continue the regular dialogue with the heads of the aid organisations. Networking is an important aspect of our work: it gives us access to new ideas, proven concepts and important contacts that can help us not only in our operations.


Rescue and mobility are also the focus of the 19th RETTmobil. The fire brigades have a large share of the responsibility in these areas. Firefighters are on rescue assignments every twelve seconds – 2.7 million times a year. Many visitors of RETTmobil have a fire service background: I look forward to talking to you at our stand from May 15 to 17, 2019!


Parallel to RETTmobil, the 6th Symposium of the “Help for Helpers” Foundation on psychosocial emergency care will take place on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Information about this event can be found at – we will see you in Fulda!


I wish you a successful, informative and insightful RETTmobil 2019!




Welcome Statements

Welcome Statement: IKR e.V.

Manfred Hommel
Chairman of the Community of Interests
of the Manufacturers of Ambulances and
Rescue Vehicles
(IKR e.V.)

Conceptual Sponsor of RETTmobil




RETTmobil in Fulda for the 19th time


For the 19th time, the entire rescue industry will come together in Fulda from May 15th to 17th. In 2001, everything started with just 3,500 trade visitors and 63 exhibitors. This year we again expect over 540 exhibitors from Germany and abroad and well over 29,000 trade visitors.


The development of the RETTmobil trade show is also due to the tireless commitment of Petra and Dieter Udolph. The constant dialogue with the city of Fulda and the local authorities makes a major contribution to the success of the event. The visitors appreciate the fair admission price and the free parking on site.


The world is changing very rapidly and the trouble spots are not diminishing; on the contrary, the political situation is more uncertain than ever. Major events and climate change pose great challenges for aid providers all over the world. This makes a meeting once a year in Fulda all the more important in order to discuss current issues with experts and to look for solutions. RETTmobil is the best platform for this.


There would not have been a RETTmobil without the active support of the DFV. The successful partnership is entering its 20th year, and we are very grateful for this continuity. Since the year 2012 there is also a closer cooperation with the AGBF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Berufsfeuerwehren), which will be represented again this year with their stand. The panel discussion and the fair forum were included to the RETTmobil programme upon the initiative of AGBF. This year, Mr. Georg Khevenhüller, President of Malteser Hilfsdienst, has taken over patronage.


The geographical location of Fulda as well as the unique infrastructure and cost structure are decisive success factors for exhibitors and visitors of RETTmobil. The City of Fulda and the State of Hesse have been exemplary supporters of RETTmobil since 2001.


The workshops and medical rescue service training courses successfully implemented in recent years have confirmed the great demand and will also be carried out professionally this year.


This year almost all well-known relief organisations will also be represented again.


The three pillars of the trade fair, continuing education and training, and experiencing mobility stand for the success of RETTmobil, both today and in the future. The members of the IKR e.V., who stand for quality and safety from Germany, are looking forward to your visit and to good and constructive discussions. Fulda will once again be the focus of the entire rescue industry for three days.




Welcome Statements


Welcome Statement: AG FReDi

Jörg Wackerhahn

Spokesman for the Association of 
Fire Services in Emergency Rescue
(AG FReDi) of AGBF Bund



Dear colleagues,
dear visitors of Rettmobil 2019,


the German rescue system, consisting of full-time and voluntary personnel, proved itself again last year, both in forest and area fires as well as in the snow chaos in Bavaria. The knowledge and experience gained in these operations also must be incorporated into future operations planning so that we can continue to meet the challenges of the future.


With the "Restructuring of Emergency Care", the Federal Government has initiated a major reform of the health system, which will also have an impact on emergency rescue and patient transport. As a service provider, we must play an active role in shaping this process.


In recent years, Rettmobil has developed into a major event in the rescue service landscape, and this trend is growing! Due to the presence of organisations and associations, it is also ideally suited for visitors who are looking for a professional challenge in the rescue sector or who want to volunteer. We are ready, please speak to us!


AG FReDi as representative of the fire brigades active in the rescue service in Germany therefore gladly accepts the conceptual sponsorship again in the year 2019 and takes part in the professional advanced trainings and exercises.


I wish the exhibitors and all visitors a good and interesting time at the fair, stimulating discussions and many new ideas and contacts. At the same time I cordially invite you to visit us at the stand of AG FReDi!



Welcome Statements

RETTmobil 2020
Admission: 15.00 Euros
Park Free Parking
Bus Free Shuttle-Bus
Anfahrt Wolf-Hirth-Strasse, 36041 Fulda, Germany

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