Welcome Statement: AG FReDi

Jörg Wackerhahn

Spokesman for the Association of 
Fire Services in Emergency Rescue
(AG FReDi) of AGBF Bund


Dear colleagues,
dear visitors of Rettmobil 2018:


Once again, an eventful year is behind us and two topics have remained in special memory. On the one hand, there are threat situations, on the other hand, the attacks on emergency forces personnel. Threat situations, regardless of whether they take place with few participants in a family environment or are organised by groups, are a new kind and dimension of work for us. As unattractive as these operations may be, we must prepare ourselves more than ever before and further develop existing concepts in order to "rescue" as effectively as possible during operations while not being harmed ourselves.


Even in the latest operations, we were able to gain a lot of knowledge and experience. The lessons and experiences will be presented to interested visitors. In the field of advanced training and education, renowned speakers with practical experience are gathered, who will give lectures on a wide range of interesting topics.


The attacks on emergency service forces are the second major issue that has occupied us. Protective vests are not the "panacea"! It is more important to precisely analyse the type and number of attacks in detail and to develop appropriate, holistic concepts for the protection of the emergency personnel. It is also necessary to remain objective and not to exaggerate in the external presentation! The ultimate goal must be to prevent attacks on emergency services!


Rettmobil has become a constant in the rescue service landscape in recent years, with an upward trend! But it is not only an event for "Rescuers", but also for those who want to become one. Due to the presence of the organisations and associations it is also ideal for visitors who are looking for a professional challenge in the rescue sector or who want to get involved on a voluntary basis. We are ready, talk to us!


AG FReDi, as a representative of the fire brigades working the in rescue service in Germany, gladly assumes sponsorship again in 2018 and participates in the professional training and exercises.


I wish the exhibitors and all visitors a good and interesting time at the exhibition, stimulating discussions as well as many new ideas and contacts. At the same time, I cordially invite you to visit us at the booth of AG FReDi!


Welcome Statements

RETTmobil 2019
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